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Ryan J.
The absolute best! I've seen many therapists over the years, and most are just not worth the money. I've had a couple that I was pretty happy with and saw regularly, but they both moved away and I was back to trying new therapists. Over my lifetime, I've probably seen 35-40, but most were one time appointments, and I was ready to leave halfway through the appointment, wishing I had never spent the money. None of them were terrible, and if you've never had a professional massage before, they would probably seem okay. But there are very few good ones that provide a service that really enhances your life. Then above those good therapists sits Megan. She is the absolute best massage therapist I've ever seen, and that includes expensive spa massages on vacation. I'm a seasoned consumer and not a therapist, so I don't know what makes someone great. I know that it's their massage technique, but I don't think it's effort or lack thereof. I think it's just a rare gift. Megan has that gift, and I'm so lucky that I found her. It's like a 90 minute vacation every time I see her, and it's not a selfish indulgence. It's a necessary physical and emotional healing, something I know I need to get through life. Seeing Megan has changed my life, and it's not just the time spent in session. I'm always stressed out, and I never knew what relaxation felt like until I experienced it in session. When I'm stressed, I can mentally go back to that place of peace and remember the feeling and draw on it. I've had therapists that have creeped me out with their discussion on meditation and chanting, etc., and I've had therapists talk my ear off the entire session, which is very distracting. Megan is just an absolute professional in every sense of the word. Sweet and polite, and will talk if you want to talk. And if you want to lay there for 90 minutes and not say or hear anything, that is the experience that you will get. Her multiple massage package deals are an absolute steal, and make her the cheapest I've ever seen anywhere. There is only one place to go for massage in Central IL. Go see Megan!
Great results, great person! I've been to many massage therapists and Megan is the best for me. I had an ongoing elbow problem that physical therapists couldn't fix, but she dissolved to almost nothing. She is passionate about the healing power of massage, and about treating her clients with kindness. If you let her know what needs attention, she devotes herself entirely to it, and backs it up with strong knowledge about how the body works. She's taught me some exercises for maintenance between sessions. Plus her sunny personality and easy laughter puts me in a better mood by the time I leave. Whether for therapy or relaxation, everyone should give Megan a try!
Angie W
Megan is gifted and unique! Megan has just the right touch for me. She soothes my muscles and stress with her gentle spirit and amazing massage. Her energy is wonderful and I can really feel it come through in the peacefulness of the massage. Today I came in with a sore shoulder and a headache I've had so long I had given up on getting rid of it completely--both were gone when I left. And I didn't even mention the headache to her!
Tracy M
amaĆ azing! I feel sssooo much better after my massage! Thanks Megan!
Always awesome I have never left Megan's table not feeling terrific. I have gotten massages for a long time and have enjoyed hers the most!
She knows what she's doing!! I've had many massages over the years to try and get a grip on my chronic back pain. Megan can really feel the trouble spots and very slowly with great attention to detail and placement loosens them up. I've only been once but plan on coming back regularly to unwind my twisted muscles!
Stress in neck - releaves tightness and increases mobility After seeing Megan for almost a year, I can say that she has helped with releaving my neck tightness and given me more mobility. Best massage for those looking for improved mobility in your daily life. Recommend highly.